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Creating a memorable brand

We are making the world of staying connected better for people. This is what we want to achieve. This is why GoMeet™ was created. It's also our identity—how we behave, talk, and present ourselves. We're a people-focused organization, and it's our duty to ensure that this is reflected in every communication, encounter, and experience we offer. We can create not just a famous brand, but also a great, lasting business, if we do it consistently, creatively, and with a lot of passion.

How to leverage our media kit

This is our go-to resource for bringing our mission to life via our brand's expression. It includes resources like as tools, guidelines, and templates. You can guarantee that everything we produce strengthens the bonds that our primary audiences—employees, consumers, partners, and stakeholders—have with our brand by championing these guidelines.


Download our GoMeet™ logos here

Our Colors

Color evokes an emotional reaction that expresses a brand's identity in an instant. Ours is warm, inviting, and approachable, and our color scheme reflects that. Our trademark colors provide our identity depth and dimension, as well as communicating our quality and focus. Our secondary colors provide a burst of individuality, as well as vitality and optimism. Our gray hues represent our technological heritage and provide a sense of refinement to the workplace.

Colors associated with the brand

#FF6363, #FF8585, and #FFFFFF are our three brand colors. They are what people think of as "our colors" since they are featured in all of our key brand pieces, such as logos and websites.

User Interface


















Our Fonts

The tone with which we express our brand is reflected in our typefaces. They are approachable, candid, and straightforward. Our message will be clearer and more impactful thanks to the geometric letterforms and punchy sentences.

Poppins is the typeface we utilize. We utilize Poppins for high-end design executions since it needs a license. Century Gothic is a global typeface that looks a lot like Inter and can be found in any Microsoft Office software (Mac or PC) for use in PowerPoint and other common applications.

Primary font

Inter is a geometric sans serif with a contemporary feel. It includes spherical characteristics that complement our logo's human essence. That's why we use it as our main typeface in all of our correspondence.

All of our brand experiences employ just three weights from the Inter font family: Regular, Medium, and Bold. Inter may only be used if you have a Monotype license. At this moment, we do not have a company-wide licensing for the font, thus an individual license is required for each font user, or the number of machines on which the font will be installed. The most common license required is a desktop package, which works on both Mac OS X and Windows PCs.

The Monotype website has details on the different font licenses that are available.

Purpose + people = brand

Before we begin to convey our brand, we must first establish our purpose, which informs every choice we make regarding our platform and goods, as well as how we speak about our organization. Simply said, everything we do is for the benefit of the people.

Our purpose

Our purpose is our North star. Every choice we make is influenced by it, from product design to how we answer the phone.

We make the world of work a better place for individuals to collaborate in.

Our business, purpose, solutions, and brand are all based on the belief that the future will get smarter and change the way we all operate. This, we believe, will be a positive thing, particularly as we develop technology to make people's ordinary employment more meaningful and satisfying. We're removing pointless activities and allowing individuals to focus on what they do best, which is admirable work.

What we do with our purpose

We utilize our purpose statement rarely, as much as we adore it. If it begins to appear as a slogan, headline, in a pop-up, or placed as a finishing flourish into a message, its effect will be diluted. We should utilize our purpose statement in places where we can give it prominence, such as on the first slide of a presentation, at the top or bottom of a website, or in a setting where people may reflect on it. Rather of burying it in the midst of a conversation, we use it to lead or conclude it. We think about the messages that attract people to it. We do so in a humane manner. We also think about the audience and the environment we need to build so that they understand our mission statement when they hear it.

Human connections matter.

It has an impact on who we are, how we feel, and how we connect with the rest of the world.

As a result, we must develop amazing humancentric environments.

Experiences that bring forth our best characteristics.

When we are at our best, we make the world a better place.

And our lives are even better off as a result.

Because by making the world of staying connected better for people, we improve the world as a whole.

Our manifesto

Our manifest is our rallying cry, our raison d'être, a statement that explains why GoMeet™ is important to the world. Keep it in mind while you build experiences, send emails, and make tiny and huge choices that influence the company.

How we use our manifesto

We utilize our manifesto with care, just as we do with our purpose statement. It was written as an internal statement and should not be used in marketing materials or public declarations. When we utilize it internally, it may stand alone or complement our purpose statement. We don't break up our manifesto in any manner (just as we don't break up a national song) and we don't modify the language (they were put together with care).

If we're making an external communication, read the manifesto to get a sense of our brand's style and sensibility: short sentences, approachable language, and a positive message that is straightforward, human, and engaging.

Company Boilerplate

The official language to use when discussing GoMeet™ is our corporate boilerplate. Please don't change it in any way since it's been painstakingly constructed. Simply copy and paste the short and long versions below. Please contact the Corporate Communications team if you have any issues regarding the authorized boilerplate text.

Short description (22 words)

GoMeet™ is a cloud video conferencing platform that creates a frictionless and limitless environment for our users. For more information, visit:

Medium description (48 words)

GoMeet™ is making the world of staying connected better for people. Our cloud-based video conferencing platform and solutions deliver human connections that create great experiences and unlock productivity for employees and the enterprise by creating a frictionless and limitless environment for our users. For more information, visit:

Long description (135 words)

GoMeet™ is one of the fastest-growing cloud-based video conferencing platform companies in the world based in Silicon Valley. Founded in 2020 with the goal of making the world of staying connected better for people GoMeet is making the world of work, work better for people. Our cloud-based video conferencing platform and solutions deliver human connection that create great experiences and unlock productivity for employees and the enterprise by creating a frictionless and limitless environment for our users. GoMeet™ is designed for frictionless video conferencing and online meetings on a regular basis. You can host or attend a customized, free-to-use meeting with GoMeet in just a few clicks, and be instantly linked to your peers, colleagues, and clients in seconds via GoMeet™ iOS and Android mobile app or Cloud Web Desktop. For more information, visit:

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