GoMeet for Sports & Entertaiment

Create Unforgettable Fan Experiences Around the World.

In sports and beyond, create compelling virtual or hybrid entertainment experiences. Bring in fans from all around the globe and offer the behind-the-scenes workers the resources they need to put on incredible events.

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Why should you use GoMeet for Sports and Entertainment?

Start connecting your teams and audiences now.

Make your audience come to you

With HD video and crystal-clear audio, you may stream in audience members to your concert or event.

Make contact with your colleagues

With group messaging, file sharing, video calling, and other tools, you can keep things flowing behind the scenes.

Make a whiteboard for your thoughts

Everyone may collaborate on a blank canvas, an image, or even a video, such as your game film, using two-way digital whiteboarding.

Do you need a knowledgeable visitor?

Connect them easily to your presentation or event to give real-time comments.

Maintain your safety

You have our unshakable commitment to your privacy and security with the industry's most secure collaboration platform.

Everyone gets one

With a collaboration platform that includes calling, texting, meetings, and award-winning devices, you can do it all.

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Additional features and support are available for a flexible price.

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Bring in fans from all around the globe

Keep employees linked and collaborate on event or concert logistics

Keep you audience entertained and engageded with chat and polls

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