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Increase your nonprofit's reach and save costs with a video conferencing and collaboration solution that keeps everyone connected, no matter where they are.

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Why should you use GoMeet for your nonprofit?

For physicians, care teams, patients, administrative personnel, and healthcare IT teams, get started with resources and best practices.

Bring vitality to your meetings

With interactive elements that promote better cooperation, you can create more interesting meeting experiences.

Meet fewer people and accomplish more

With AI-powered tools that help you get more done with fewer meetings; you can boost your productivity.

Everyone should be included

With inclusive features that allow everyone to be seen, heard, and understood, everyone will have an equal place at the table.

Spend less money

By bringing everyone together electronically, you may save money on travel and broaden your reach.

Organize events that have a big effect

Engage your audience with up to 300 virtual guests at engaging virtual events.

Maintain your safety

When working with internal or external stakeholders, take comfort in the built-in security.

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What people are saying

Enable communites to meet anywhere they are and staying connected to their cause

Connect administrative staff for better communication & training

Empower collaboration across nonprofit networks

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