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Healthcare has changed drastically, and great virtual care will continue to be critical in the aftermath of the epidemic. GoMeet can assist you in providing smooth, secure telehealth experiences, collaborating across healthcare systems, and maintaining the highest level of care.

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Why should you choose GoMeet for telehealth?

For physicians, care teams, patients, administrative personnel, and healthcare IT teams, get started with resources and best practices.

Virtual consultations

High-definition video and audio for face-to-face consultations with physicians at any time and location.

Training that is easily accessible

Connect clinical and administrative staff for virtual training, and record sessions for later review.

Collaboration between hospitals is important.

Virtually connect with other healthcare professionals quickly and simply.

One management system that is centralized

With a centralized system that gives actionable data to help promote adoption.

Sharing medical information on a secure platform

For knowledge exchange and transparent communication with patients, bring medical files to meetings and annotate papers.

End-to-end security encryption

To fulfill the most demanding security standards, strong E2E encryption is used.

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Enable physicians to meet with patients anywhere they are

Connect clinical and administrative staff for better communication & training.

Empower collaboration across healthcare systems

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